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So as you may have guessed, I’ve lost some weight! Not a lot but enough for other people to notice before me! Half a stone (7lbs) I still can’t quite believe it!!! To top it off I’m wearing, wait for it…….. LEGGINGS!!! The enemy of the fat girl, in fact the enemy of most girls that aren’t a size 8 (UK size) or under…. I should not be seen, in public, in leggings. It’s not right and it’s not proper!!

There are very few things worse than a fat chick in leggings, (comprising of fat chicks bursting out of leggings that have gone that horrible opaque way, extra boob, you know where the chick looks like she has four boobs, it’s not good girls ooh or uniboob, uniboob is very very very bad!!! Also fat chick in mini skirt with saggy buttcheeks hanging out….eugh!) I mean that crime is up there with the monobrow… And the chin stubble, not a good look on a girl unless she’s a circus freak! (Even worse if there is matching tash stubble…ewwwwww!). Worst part is us fat chicks know THE RULES but rarely adhere to them, (we’ve all seen the Walmart pics… I thought us Scottish chicks looked daft in miniskirts with blue legs but Walmart folk have no shame…and the odd back boob… cringe!) we can be seen out in leggings with our ill fitting brassieres, and do we give a rats ass? Naw! If I’m happy then I’ll shake my arse in leggings, letting the fat wobble, but then I have no shame, of course if I’m going out, out I’ll put on makeup shave my pits and legs and do my hair, I’ll do the pits legs and bikini line if in swimming, ain’t nobody wants to see a fuzzy fat girl… And if you happen to spot a tuft of fuzz, please god avert your eyes! There is nothing worse than knowing you have fuzz other than someone else knowing you have fuzz.

Anyway, how y’all doing? I need to give a shoutout to Victoria (interview here) as she’s not been well, so I hope you have a speedy recovery babe x

I think you should all go check out Sasha Cameron’s blog, she wrote a great piece about fanfiction writers and bloggers (Here)

Sorry I’ve been really quiet of late, I’m applying for full time jobs, so you never know where I might end up, hopefully in a call centre or shop nearby….(keep your fingers crossed for me!)

Jesus I’ve lost half a stone, half a stone? How the hell did I do that? My diet hasn’t changed, I maybe eat less than usual, but half a stone??? I’m impressed with myself!!!!

Anyway, I’ll see you guys soon

Carrie Jay 🌹