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✨✨So as promised, here is my interview with the amazing BG Holmes aka Bronze Goddess✨✨

Hello! Thank you or agreeing to be interviewed today!

1–My first question would have to be, what inspired you to start writing?
I’ve actually been writing since I was 12 years old. Without giving my age, let’s just say that Cindy Lauper was really big in the States back then. I was one of the nerdy kids, so writing was my fantasy world. Those people were my friends and I was the main character in every story that I wrote. It was my escape. This is why my imagination is so vivid. When I became an adult, I continued to write for the same reason–it helps to release tension and relieve stress. It’s like watching your favorite television show except instead of waiting for the show to come on every week, the story is right there in your head all the time and you can make the characters do whatever you want. I hear people talking about losing their muse, I hope that never happens to me. My head would be a really lonely place without her.

2–Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers for Paging Dr Steele, it’s an amazing story, has it’s popularity surprised you?
That’s an understatement! Like I said, I didn’t mind writing my stories. Sharing my work was a whole different matter! I thought that maybe a few people here and a few people there would like it, but with the great stories and writers that I have been following, I was sure that my little story would be massacred in reviews. Boy, was I wrong! People really like it, and I am so humbled by the fact that so many people enjoy the story. I know you wouldn’t know that by the way that cut into disrespectful reviewers–they make my claws come out–but I really am humbled by all of the support and encouragement that I have received from the vast majority of readers. I really appreciate that.

3–Are there any characters that appear in your story that are based on people from your life?
Yes. My main female character is very loosely based on a cross between myself and my daughter with some unknown aspects thrown in there. Her best friend, Allen, is based on my best friend of 32 years who I miss every day because we live on different sides of the country. Crazy Edward is based mainly on one particularly bad relationship that I had–it was horrendous and, except for the kidnapping, it played out almost identical to what happened in the story. Gail, Maxine, and Valerie are all loosely based on lady friends of mine. Oh, and Garrett is based on the quiet kid that used to sit next to me in Chemistry class in high school. Everyone else is just floating around in my head for the most part.

4–Do you picture anyone when you think of certain characters?
That’s kind of hard to do. On my Pinterest page, I had picked out and identified most of the characters. Yet, as time goes on, they all seem to be changing. They all take on different and unique faces like no one that I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to explain–when you put an actor’s face or a famous person’s face to your character, they aren’t your characters anymore. You can have someone in mind when you write the part, but the minute you try to make them “live” by putting a face to it, people automatically see what they want to see–the life of the person that you chose, their previous roles if they are an actor, how the look in those roles instead of how the could look or portray the role you are writing, their current age. Perfect example, everyone had their ideas of who should play CG in the movie, and if anyone suggested someone that was 35 or older, there was an uproar–“He’s too old! He’s too old to be CG!” Well, I would venture to say that 80 – 90% of us that like that trilogy have seen and like “Dirty Dancing.” No one else–and I mean no one else–could have done the role of 17-year-old “Baby” in that movie, but she was 27 years old playing that role. Too many people judge books by their cover–pun intended–which is why I have a hard time committing faces to my characters even though I chose some for fun on my pinterest page.

5–You obviously do a lot of research, has anything almost put you off? (eg, the branding?)
Oh good God, yes! Deciding that Ana would be branded was very difficult. When you want to do something that is unique, thinking outside of the box can take you down some very scary roads. You find yourself delving into some aspects of human nature that you wish didn’t exist. Some of the mutilation that I saw–some of the people digging designs into their skins with various tools–it’s insane. Even some of the more extreme aspects of the BDSM lifestyle made my stomach turn–cattle prods used for punishing subs, blood play…just some things that are way out of the mainstream. When you open Pandora’s box, you truly have to be prepared for what you might find in there!

6–The outfits that your lead character wears are beautiful, do you take inspiration from anyone in particular?
Nope, lol. This is the easiest question. I just close my eyes and decide what I want her to look like and go find her clothes. However, if in my surfing, I see a pair of shoes that I like, I will build an entire outfit from those shoes. 🙂

7–Now I know part one is finished and you are editing it for publishing, this is huge, what made you make the decision?
Honestly, it’s something that I always wanted to do, but I was afraid. With encouragement from my readers and my family, I decided to take that next step. The response to the story was overwhelming and so many people agreed that these characters could stand alone with a few changes to names, locations, and key points in the story. Of course, while I’m editing, the story is taking on a whole news life of its own and new storylines are being born. I hope for my Saga to as long as–if not longer than–the Harry Potter series and the Bourne series. There are so many stories in my head for these characters, I could write forever.

8–You have mentioned that there will be a sequel, can you give us any story hints?
Hmmm…let’s see…there will be more drama, lol. I will give you three main points and I will leave it there for you to ponder. Someone will die (not either of my two main protagonists), there will be a name change (maybe two), and an unexpected revelation will occur VERY early in Book II.

9–Will the sequel be another fanfiction or will you go straight to publishing?
Right now, I expect it to be a Fanfiction. I will make some kind of announcement on my blog http://butterflysaga.wordpress.com, to members of my mailing list divinebronzegoddess@gmail.com, and/or on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/butterflysaga if that will change.

10–Your blog follows Miles and his journey leading up to the beginning of PDS, it’s a very harrowing tale, have you ever struggled with it?
Um, I have had some experience with some aspects of child abuse and molestation, not all of them and they are not all personal stories. Some are unfortunately quiet personal; some are from very close family and/or friends; some are from research. Writing about it helps a lot.

11–What message do you want readers to leave your story with?
Oh, wow, that’s hard to say. There are a gadzillion messages in what I write.
Keep your sex life spicy! Don’t be afraid to try something new.
A strong woman can do and be anything that she wants.
Abuse may have been in your past but it doesn’t dictate your future.
Stalking and desperation are not sexy–when they say “no,” go the hell away!
If you say you love someone, treat them that way.
That’s only a few of the messages and I’m sure there are messages that I’m not even aware are there.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I guess the only other thing that I would address is my zingers and the reason I do them. As authors, we are giving readers a piece of our soul. It’s okay if they don’t like or agree with that piece that we are giving them. Tastes vary and opinions are like…well you know the rest, everybody has one. However, there is never a need to be malicious, vicious, disrespectful, mean, or cruel when you are stating an opposing opinion. That’s where my zingers come from. Some authors say, “I don’t even respond. I just leave them alone.” Other authors say, “That’s very tasteless and classless. E. L. James wouldn’t do that!” Still other authors just lose their muses and completely stop writing. I say that this mouth is attached to my body and I can say what I want–that if someone can say something mean to me, that I have the right to respond. That is why I named my little corner of fanfiction “BronzeGoddessville,” which indicates that if you don’t like the location, feel free to leave.

I thank the readers and followers again for their interest in me and for their support. It’s amazing and I adore you all. And thank you, Carrie for interview.

Anytime! It’s a pleasure to know you, and thanks for taking your time to let me interview you!

So, there you all have it, the wonderful Bronze Goddess! She is a star! (Yes when I’m excited I over use the exclamation mark, it’s a character flaw!!!!!!!!)

Please go check her out, let her know I sent you x

Carrie Jay 🌹