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I went! (it iBook a bit of bullying from my friend Dr K but I went)
Now I’m off for a week and on yet more painkillers, oh and I walk like an old granny! BOLLOCKS!

So, nothing really new happening now… Trying to write but that shits gone really dark…(btw I liked the idea of a possible trigger being a candle, I’m keeping a hold of that to trigger another memory because its poetic to use a flame of rebirth to enlighten the audience a bit more about Ana! I will obviously give you a credit in the chapter that it appears) the chapter itself is a work in progress, I need it betaed and obviously finished too…


“Bottle of Moët.” Champagne? I must raise my eyebrows at him because he replies. “We are celebrating your promotion Anastasia, aren’t we?” Even though it sounded to others like a question, to me it was a statement. A command, him asserting his dominance over me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, tingling down my spine, my head and eyes wanting to drop, not here, oh god not now!

x X x

“Yes sir?”
“You weren’t listening were you?” Heat rushed to my cheeks, I knew what would come next, after my confession
“No, sir” I replied in a small voice.
“On your knees Anastasia, now!” He bellowed. I dropped, as graciously as I could, my eyes sinking to the floor, my posture turning submissive, giving my free will over to him, putting my trust in him too. “Good girl”
His attention turned away from me, leaving me sitting at his feet in this place, my humiliation brought to bare in front of everyone.

He turned back to me slipping my collar round my neck and tightening it to the point that my breathing became slightly restricted. He clipped the lead on and made me crawl out like a dog, my punishment for my inattentiveness towards my master. By the time we got to the car my knees were bleeding and my palms were covered in cuts, he opened the boot and loaded me into the awaiting dog cage, attaching chains and clamps to various parts of my body to make the journey even less comfortable than it would be already.

So? Any good? I had to drop the whole third person thing for this chapter, there is too much that you need to see happening inside their heads…


On a different note I’m rereading Twilight and FSOG, for my comparison of fanfiction vs own story, so far I’m sticking by my previous posts pov When is a fanfic not a fanfic? (part 1) I have a feeling that it will change, I’m also reading Edward Wallbanger (published as Wallbanger by Alice Clayton) and The University of Edward Masen (published as the Gabriel series by Sylvain Raynard) so my opinion will undoubtably change…(I’m like that, I reserve the right as a woman to change my mind more often than the wind changes direction!)

Food diary… Well ummm, I had a pot noodle (don’t judge me, I’m human too!) it was lovely but not satisfying, then for tea (again don’t judge me) I had microwave chicken chow mein…again not satisfying but my back is very sore…. Then I had a couple of bags of hula hoops BBQ beef flavour, now they were good!!!

Hmmmm, do I have anything else to say tell you?
Nope, I can’t think of anything…

Fanfiction recommendation of the day is…..(insert a drumroll if you so desire, I cba finding that so do it yourself)
Paging Dr Steele by the supremely talented Bronze Goddess aka BG Holmes who I am also delighted to say is a friend of mine! Watch out for her name because she is gonna be huge! She is on Facebook (link here) and twitter but I’ll be buggered if I can remember her handle…
***UPDATE*** her handle is @divineBGHolmes ***UPDATE END*** the rest is my own drivel still…. But read on, you know you want to! 😉

Mine is @carriej56fanfic….. Yes it’s long….yes it’s a pain in the arse but I cba changing it!

So the painkillers are in full force, my brain is swimming and my eyes want to close (it’s only midday…) so I’m signing off for now

Much love, btw, I’m on Facebook too Carrie Jay (look for a hunky pic of matt Bomer as a fireman….)

Sorry just had to add *Spoilers* love Alex Kingston as River Song in Dr Who, she was also fab in ER (I’ve watched every episode) oh and does anyone know when Sherlock is back on? I need me some Benedict Cumberbatch, I’d be his Cumberbitch any day! Mmmmm….

Totally going now…..

Bye… I wonder if there are any who reruns on tv…. I got some ST:TNG… Am I obsessive?

Anyway deffo going now… I’m off to read A Fire That Burns by my friend Kirsty Still! (Sorry I plug a lot… Live with it!)