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What the fuck is that? <— This would totally have been my response last year! Now though I think my response is,

Oh my god I'm totally addicted to it!

I love this, possibly more than writing fan fictions, (probably not more than poetry though, poetry is my first love, I digress) definitely more than writing a diary! I only kept a diary at school and now only write appointments in my iPod… I did try a diary but had the thought, what's the point? I don't have secrets, (and if I did I wouldn't write them in a diary where any fuckwit could read them!) well not from myself, nor does anything that happens in my life warrant me sitting for up to an hour writing down every detail… It's not as if I'm going to get melancholy and re read it thinking oh I remember that day where I put on the washing and cleaned the kitchen and found loose change in the tumble drier… Hell that shits boring! Okay so maybe I'd reread a child's birthday, but I think I have more birthday photos than any mother alive! (Photos are more accurate, why write for hours when a picture says a million words?) Again I digress…

Your getting why I'm not a diarist eh? Too many digressions! I like to talk, or more accurately I like to be heard…which if you ever met me would surprise you! I'm quiet and often shrink into the background(unless I'm pissed, in which case I'm the loud in your face Scottish cliché!).

I'm loving blogging though! I can rant in my own little corner of the Internet and no one can say, no Carrie, your wrong,(well they can but I don't have to listen!) I can be me here.

Just me.

Oh food diary is coming back!
I made a fabulous (in my humble opinion) Bolognese, everyone ate it! 🙂 (my back wasn't so forgiving but hey ho there you go!) and I had a lovely ham salad sandwich all washed down with decaf tea. (I'm totally not counting the skittles that I ate because…erm…I don't want to!)
If you'd like my recipe let me know and I'll do a recipe blog post!

I need to tell you about my friend Sasha Cameron her blog can be found here you all need to jump onto her blog and read her trilogy (she has it posted on fanfiction.net too) Investing Elliot, Creating Kate and Going Grey, the first two are complete Going Grey is a work in progress, I tell you Sasha Cameron is headed for great things! A truly talented author! Once you have read them you should also read Making Mia… I just can’t get enough! Great writers deserve shout outs, so maybe ill give up the writing and do more shouting?! (Answers on a postcard…or in the comment section! Lol)

I have so many stories to recommend… I’m gonna do one a blog post (if I remember!)

Night night blog world x

Carrie Jay x